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Our Company Brief: Install-All Limited

16A Saddle Rd, Maraval
Tel/fax: (868) 628-1250, 628-2712
Email: sales@ialtd.net
Website: http://ialtd.net

Who we are

We are a locally registered, Limited Liability, Product and Services provider offering a variety of Access and Automation Solutions to clients in the Building Construction and Facilities Management industries.

Who we work with

We work with companies and professionals, who share a common desire to acquire install and maintain a “Complete Solution” which:

Comprises a Product and a Services component (i.e. Spare Parts and maintenance Support).

Considers the costs over the Solutions “Life time” (i.e. acquisition, maintenance and operating cost) not just initial cost.

Provides a permanent cure to a problem, not just a temporary fix of a symptom.

Caters for peak needs by meeting or exceeding maximum operational specification.

Addresses all functional and safety requirements.

Experience has taught us that Solutions which sacrifice product quality, longevity and functionality, ignore basic infrastructural and safety requirements and Cut corners on workmanship, only cost clients more money in the long run, waste our clients valuable time and cause unnecessary aggravation. In other words We are not the right service partner for Clients who simply equate the lowest purchase price with highest value without giving.

What we do

We simplify our clients lives, and save them time /money by doing things right the First time. Our Complete product/service solutions will deliver the lowest “lifetime” costs, while fully satisfying the operational and safety requirements. We achieve this by:

Fully understanding the requirements of you specific application, to Confirm we address the correct needs of our clients.

Thoroughly understanding our product solutions, so that the most appropriate product/service solution is specified, so properly satisfying the specific requirements of each application.

Carefully assessing your existing infrastructure, highlighting all existing functional and safety inadequacies, for correction, so that your equipment will operate properly and safely over its expected life cycle.

Investing time and money required to develop the Support capabilities (e.g.: Technical training and Spare Parts inventory) that allow us to maintain and support your equipment over its expected life, to ensure you trouble free operation with minimal downtime over the expected life of the product thereby Maximize your value for money.

Brands Represented

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Service Offering

We are able to offer product Consult, Equipment supply and install/support services for all the products we distribute. As a stocking distributor we carry a wide compliment of systems for immediate delivery including critical spares to service and support these products. Most of our Specialty Commercial equipment is available by special order with production and delivery times of 2-12 weeks depending on the product. Further the team members in our installation division (Install All Limited) are trained in the service and repair of all our systems to offer support to our contractor clients or direct support to end-users if necessary.


Over the last 11 years we have supplied to contractors (for self installation) or personally installed over thirty one hundred Residential and Commercial Access Systems in Trinidad and Tobago and the lower Caribbean States.

Listed below are of some of the jobs we have completed with references to give you an idea of the range of products and services we can offer (as they relate to your specific application), the client base that we work with and the scale of business we are capable of handling. If you are interested we can arrange site visits at the locations for you to view our products and workmanship.

Projects and Customer References

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We trust the information provided would prove useful and look forward to the opportunity of providing you with our services.

Alex Mackenzie
Install All Limited